Monday, March 8, 2010

Kissing frogs

I was excited at the prospect of my first kiss since my long-term boyfriend. I felt like I could explode with anticipation as he leant down to my face. I closed my eyes, waiting for his lips to meet mine and when they did I felt my whole body light up. I waited for his tongue to move between my lips, I waited, and waited. His mouth was on mine but that was about it. I pulled away feeling a bit confused. He was smiling and looking all pleased with himself. I took a sip of her beer and decided to give it another shot. Same thing. I tried to force his mouth open with my tongue but it wasn’t budging and he was making a weird smacking sound as he kissed me. How can you get to 23 and be a terrible kisser? I thought to myself, thoroughly disappointed. ‘Get a room!’ a couple of lads shouted from across the bar. No chance, I thought to myself, if he was this bad at kissing god knows what his performance was like in other areas.

Disappointed, I finished my beer and made an excuse that I was going to find the others, he followed. Mel and Lise were sweaty from dancing and Lise was flirting hopelessly with the DJ she was obsessed with. ‘Ready to go?’ Mel asked with a cheeky smile, she’d obviously seen. I hadn’t realised it was 2.30am already. We went outside and parted ways to go home. Piers followed Lise and I into the chip shop. We sat and ate chips in awkward silence, I wanted rid of Piers and I didn't want to kiss him again.

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