Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Having a ball

I poured myself a fourth glass of wine and looked at myself sideways in the full length mirror, holding my stomach in. I didn’t look bad. Pink strapless prom dress, white strappy sandles, silver and pink jewellery and white carnations in my hair. The doorbell rang. I opened the door to her friends, all scrubbed up from their normal scruffy attire and in tuxedos. They took a step back, ‘Wow!’ Ryan said stunned, ‘you actually look like a princess.’ I blushed and showed them into the garden. I put on some music and we chatted and caught up on what we’d been doing for the last month.

Jen jumped over the side wall in her black dress and trainers, gave me a huge hug and immediately started rolling a giant spliff. Nothing will ever change with these guys, I thought to herself with a smile. I went into the kitchen and found the bottle of absinthe she’d been saving for a ‘special occasion’...

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