Thursday, March 11, 2010

Home time

We went outside to the bus stops, groups of people mulled about, negotiating deals with illegal taxi drivers and trying to find the right night bus home. ‘I’m that way’ Piers told me as Lise wandered off for some last minute banter with her DJ. ‘Ok, bye’ I said politely. He leant down again and I quickly turned my cheek feeling bad but not so bad that I would put herself through another rubbish snog. ‘Um, can I have you number?’ he asked shyly ‘I was thinking we could go out some time, I’ll let you have a look in my props cupboard if you like?’ Aside from everything he was funny. My resolve melting, I dished out my number. I really did have no restraint and I always did enjoy a bit of harmless text flirting.

Piers disappeared into the night and I made a start on prising Lise away from her object of desire. We sat at the bus stop and dissected the evening, Lise practically wetting herself as I divulged every detail of my ‘first kiss'.

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