Saturday, January 16, 2010

What an unsuccessful start

We left the agency feeling deflated. Apart from the dodgy sounding flatshares we’d also been informed that if we took one of the flats on offer we would have had to pay the agency two weeks rent as a fee. My bank balance was looking more pathetic by the second as was the prospect of finding somewhere to live anywhere in the near future.

After a full day and covering a lot of ground we had seen one (minging) flat, almost made it to a (potentially) very nice flat, made a hell of a lot of phonecalls and been taken as mugs at an agency. We were tired, fed-up and I was wondering why I was bothering. ‘Drink?’ Lise suggested brightly. ‘You must have read my mind’ I brightened up as we took a sharp left into a nice little bar in Archway with live bands and cheap-ish beer.

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