Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dolphin bathroom?

Twenty minutes late and more than slightly stressed, we finally found the doorway to the estate agency. We went upstairs and were seated with the 'estate agents'. We gave them our details, how much we earned, where we wanted to live, when we wanted to move in, how much we wanted to pay etc etc... ‘Sarah needs to find somewhere really quickly,’ Lise told the very attractive guy sat opposite her, ‘so if she has to get a place for one for now that might be best.’ I was slightly confused, was Lise backing out?

After a few minutes the woman helping me had a couple of potential places lined up. ‘Double room for a non-smoker sharing with an Italian lady in Archway. Dolphin bathroom.’ Does that mean there is a dolphin theme in the bathroom? I wondered to myself. I copied down the number and a time, not feeling particularly enthusiastic about this set up.

‘Ooh, this is promising. £110 a week, all inclusive, double bedroom in Sloane Square! Wow, what a great price,’ the woman gushed ‘sharing with a professional male. He’s asking for an English, Australian or Kiwi female in her early to mid-twenties. Ah, only problem is there’s one bathroom and it’s an en-suite in his bedroom. Well for that price you can hardly complain!’ I was utterly shocked, what did this woman think I was?

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