Monday, April 26, 2010

Saturday afternoon drinks

Lise was waving frantically at me from the door of the club. We hugged and went inside to meet Mel. ‘Shall we get a bottle of white’ Mel suggested, it was 3pm but what the fuck, it was Saturday. We drank the wine and listened to the bands, not my cup of tea but Notting Hill Arts club was a cool venue and I was having a great time talking with Mel whilst Lise went off and took her photos, it seemed everyone in here was a wannabe photographer. All leaning at strange angles, trying to get the most unusual shot, on a chair, on their knees, who’s got the biggest and the best, it was such an unspoken competition.

We finished a second bottle of wine and headed out of the door feeling merry. ‘Where next?’ I asked as we headed towards the tube station. ‘Mike and everyone are at Garage, we could go and meet them?’ Mel suggested. We jumped on the tube feeling loud and confident from the alcohol. We sat down and began to reapply eyeliner and powder, everyone in high spirits. Lise got up and did a little dance whilst Mel and I watched, laughing. I loved these days, the freedom and excitement, never knowing what was going to happen next. London could be the best place in the world.

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