Saturday, April 10, 2010

Not a date

I rushed around the room trying to decide what to wear. I couldn’t look like I’d made too much effort but I wanted to look subtley stunning. A look not that easy to achieve from experience. I barely had any clothes with me in Teddington but I settled on a floaty skirt and green top which gave me a nice cleavage and complemented my tan. I played around with my hair to make it look tousled and applied some ‘natural’ make-up or rather piled on as much as I could get away with in neutral tones. Perfume, deodorant, shimmery body lotion, brushed teeth and I was done almost exactly as he arrived in his sister’s red Fiesta which he was borrowing whilst he lived with her in West London.

I answered the door and we hugged. It was so good to feel his body again, I realised how much I had missed him and the friendship we shared since that mistake of a night. He looked at me, ‘You look fantastic’ he told me sincerely. ‘Thanks’ I blushed as I shut the door and my stomach felt all tingly. I had been ecstatic when he had called me half an hour earlier to see what I was up to. A Sunday afternoon in Joe's company was just what I needed.

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