Saturday, February 6, 2010

Still looking

He showed us to the bedroom and bathroom and began demonstrating how the washing line worked. Great.

Back in the hallway Charles pointed out a large photo of a wrinkly old woman sat before a huge Christmas tree in the living room. ‘That’s my mother, bless her. I can sense her here sometimes.’ He pointed to the plastic framed photos covering the walls of the large hallway. ‘I took all of these’ he proclaimed proudly. We went into the kitchen where he showed off his vast appliance collection. ‘So, I have a few more people coming to see the flat but it’s £400 including bills.’

I thanked Charles kindly, as we backed out of the door, and tried desperately not to engage him in another conversation. I breathed a sigh of relief as he closed the front door. ‘So that place was really nice and quite cheap’ Joe said, biting his lip. ‘What an absolute weirdo, no way.’ We burst out laughing as we recalled the strangest moments from the encounter. ‘You seemed to get on well with him, you wouldn’t shut up!’ I exclaimed. ‘Only because you were stunned into complete silence.’

‘Oh finding a flat is such hard work,’ I moaned. He linked arms with me and pulled me into a pub ‘Let’s go for a drink’.

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