Saturday, May 1, 2010

A kiss from the captain

We ordered tequilas, drank them and went back to dancing. It was so hot in the club sweat was running down my back but the music was great and I couldn’t keep still. We went and stood in front of a giant fan to cool down. A guy I had noticed looking at me earlier came and stood next to me, ‘God it’s so hot in here’ he moaned, I smiled politely and went to walk away. ‘What’s your star sign?’ he asked me. ‘Why?’ I laughed, amused at his chat up line. ‘Well, you look like a Pisces but I’m not sure,’ he said, moving closer to me. I cracked up and looked helplessly over to where the others were dancing. James caught my eye and came over to my rescue, grabbing my hand and leading me to rejoin the group.

I noticed Emily eyeing me with distaste, James couldn’t take his eyes off me as I danced. I felt a bit self-conscious under his gaze but suddenly James grabbed me and kissed me hard on the lips. He took a step back and I stood there, stunned, completely taken aback. The captain of the football team had just kissed me. Emily stormed off but James ignored her attention seeking and kissed me again. ‘Don’t stop’ I thought, enjoying every second of it. Before I knew it, it was time to go home. We queued to get our jackets and went outside, standing on the curb trying to decide how to get home and talking drunk nonsense. ‘I’ve got to get all the way to sodding Fulham’ I moaned. ‘You can come back to mine’ James raised his eyebrows at me. I wanted to so badly, I may never get this opportunity again...

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